Body-Solid Ab & Back Machine


יצרן: BodySolid
This unique dual-function machine allows you to exercise two major muscle groups for one great low price
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This unique dual-function machine allows you to exercise two major muscle groups (the stomach and back) for one great low price.
The innovative plate-load design is based on health club single station machines. We even incorporated 2” x 4” mainframe steel from our commercial grade line of equipment for institutional quality.
The full-range cam design has an easy-to-use pop pin that allows an additional 26 adjustments to increase and control your range-of-motion. Break-through technology lets you tighten abdominal muscles, strengthen your lower back and increase flexibility. Weight plate post is 1" diameter.

· Ultra-thick DuraFirm™ upholstery provides maximum comfort.
· Positioned at a 30° angle for precise biomechanical movement.
· 2"x 4" mainframe steel for exceptional Light Commercial quality.
· Easy-to-use pop-pin that allows adjustments to increase and control the user’s range-of-motion.
· Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned for exercising both the abdominal and back muscles.
· Ideal for home and commercial use.

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יצרן: Body-Solid
דגם: Body-Solid Ab & Back Machine
מק"ט: GCAB360
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